CP-120FU - 120 watt 12 volt Folding Solar Panel with Bag

$420.00 each

Harness the power of the sun with this convenient alternative energy solution. Assembly and use are simple. Once you’ve set up camp, simply assemble the kit by unfolding the panels and pulling out the stand. Connect either the Anderson, alligator or eye terminal plug at the end of the 5 metre lead to wherever you need to supply power. Position the panel for optimum solar capture, moving it as the sun moves. A charge controller is also included so you can deliver power directly from the kit to your battery without fear of over-charging. Once you’ve finished using the panel, just disconnect it and fold away into the included carry bag. Excellent for camping, 4WD and boating adventures where mains power access is uncertain.

• Retractable 30° stand with replaceable legs
• Heavy duty metal latches and carry handle
• High quality weatherproof (IP65) 3-stage PWM solar charge controller
• 5m battery output lead with 50A Anderson plugs, aligator clips and eye terminal connector set
• Corners protected from the elements by plastic
• Durable nylon carry bag

Peak Power: 120W
Rated Voltage: 12V
Voltage @ Peak Power: 18V
Current @ Peak Power: 6.67A
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.5V
Short Circuit Current: 7.4A
Panel Dimensions: 835(L) x 1090(W) x 36(H)mm (open)
835(L) x 545(W) x 36(H)mm (closed)