Flexmax80 - 80 amp 12/24/48 volt

$1.280.00 each

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system ensures that your solar array is operating at its peak power point regardless of age, shading or environmental conditions. Systems with large solar arrays are now a snap thanks to the Flexmax
Real wiring flexibility of your solar array is finally here because of the wide range DC input, up to 150 VOC. The ability to step-down a high voltage solar array to a low voltage battery can save you money by reducing the size of wire required and making the installation simpler and faster
All of the status information is displayed on the large built-in 8 cm backlit LCD screen. Monitoring your solar arrays performance is easy because of included data logging system that automatically records the last 128 days of system operation
Maximum solar array
12 volt system 1000 watts
24 volt system 2000 watts
48 volt system 4000 watts
Dimensions 413H x 140W x 100D

5 year warranty

Not IEC62109 rated so can only be used for mobile applications, ie motorhome, boats etc, not suitable for off grid domestic use