Solax TL5000 Hybrid Ready

$2.450.00 each

Solax X-Hybrid Ready Inverters
Can be used as a standard Grid Connect Inverter
Or add one of the Battery management units and a battery bank to turn this into a hybrid Grid Connect System, where you can charge the batteries during the day instead of exporting, and use that battery power at night, instead of importing

Max. recommended DC power [W] 5000
Max. DC voltage[V] 550
MPPT voltage range [V] 125-530
Max. input current [A] 12/12
Max. short circuit current [A] 15/15
Number of MPPT trackers 2
Strings per MPPT tracker 1
AC nominal power [W] 4600
Nominal AC voltage; range [V] 230VAC 50Hz
AC nominal current [A] 20
Max. AC current [A] 22.1
MPPT •efficiency 99.9%
Max. •efficiency 97.6%
Standby losses <3W
Degree of protection IP20 (for indoor use)
Warranty Standard 5 years
Dimensions (W /H / D) [mm] 635 x 520 x 150
Weight [kg] 25
Solax X-Hybrid
Energy storage system. Use energy, store it, or feed it into the grid