Note off grid systems need to be designed around your power use, we will need to get information off you re power use, and can design the complete system for you if you need
Contact us for a Load demand form, and Energy and design guide, from these we wil be able to size the setup and quote for you, we need your input on how much power you need each day
Many homes in rural and more remote coastal areas do not have mains power connected, some reasons for this include:
High Cost - typically $25,000/km to bring power lines to a remote property.
Environmental considerations -some people prefer to generate their own power using renewable energy sources.
Independence - not having to pay electricity bills to the power authority.
Solar power systems are now viable alternatives for many people who own a house that is more than a few hundred meters from the power lines.
Solar power systems which have been designed, installed and maintained correctly provide very reliable,quiet, environmentally friendly power with only minimal on going costs. Solar power systems can be successfully used almost anywhere.
Most modern appliances will run satisfactorily off the above systems, however some items such as hot water cylinders, space heaters and cookers are more economically run off alternatives such as gas or wood burners. Significant savings on power system expenditure and running costs can be made by using energy efficient appliances
Locally owned and operated for 15+ years
We Specialize in Solar Power systems, Locally, New Zealand wide and to the Pacific Islands
We are a member of SEANZ, and all installs are completed by a registered electrician
We based all quotes on our recommendations equipment wise, however you may have another preference, Cellpower policy is to match or better any written quote
Note that we design and supply New Zealand wide, however for installation as well we only cover Hawke's Bay and Central Hawke's Bay, outside of these areas you will need your own electrician to install

You can see some of our installs below, and also check us out on Facebook page to see some of our work Contact us today for a free quote

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