Dometic RMD8555

$3.300.00 each

240V 12V LG Gas Auto Select 2-door fridge/freezer
two-door refrigerator with largest freezer compartment avaliable

More capacity, less weight, same performance as for same-size 7-series double-door models due to new design, improved technology and materials
RMD8555 has separate doors for refrigeratore and freezer compartment, finger tip opening and magnetic seal doors. Shelves can be flexible arranged featuring a new anti-slip, easy-clean surface and ergonomic door shelves with leakage protection.

Technical Data
Door type Double door
Powered by Electricity/ Gas
Total volume (l) 190
Capacity (l) 155
Freezer volume (l) 35
Height (mm) 1245
Width (mm) 524
Depth (mm) 623
Weight (kg) 38.5
Energy consumption 12V @amb temp 25°C (Ah/24h) 3.2
Energy consumption gas (g/24h) 380
Max input 12V (W) 170
Max input 230V (W) 190
Max input Gas (g/h) 22.5

Note these come in left hand hinged and right hand hinged, please specify on order as they are not reversible