Dometic RM5310

$1.630.00 each

Single-door standard model with battery ignition

The new RM 5310 featuring contemporary looks and an illuminated interior in ice-blue. Cooling capacity: refrigerator +7°C, freezer compartment down to –12°C at ambient temperatures up to 32°C (corresponds to climate class SN).
RM 5310 features a separate freezer compartment, battery-powered ignition system and thermostat regulation in 230-volt and gas mode.

Technical Data
Door type Single door
Powered by Electricity/Gas,
Capacity (l) 60
Freezer volume (l) 5
Height (mm) 618
Width (mm) 486
Depth (mm) 474
Weight (kg) 20
Energy consumption gas (g/24h) 270
Max input 12V (W) 120
Max input 230V (W) 125
Max input Gas (g/h) 18.3