230V Power Lead Adapter With Circuit Breaker & RCD

$160.00 each

The rugged Ampfibian MINI-BLU safely connects any 16A device to a regular 10A power supply and offers additional protection from electrocution.

A 10A circuit breaker prevents overloading by cutting the power if it exceeds 10A (2400W).

The Residual Current Device (RCD) cuts the power very quickly if it detects an earh-leakage fault, which can be caused by faulty wiring or appliances.

Independently tested and certified, it meets the applicable electrical standard: AS/NZS 3190:2011 “Approval and test specification – Residual current devices (current-operated earth-leakage devices)” which includes portable RCDs.

Lead length of 10A power input plug: 1.3m
Lead lenght of output socket: 0.2m
Housing size without leads: 180mm x 105mm x 90mm
240V 10A 2400W circuit breaker
RCD for personal protection (A-type)
IP33 recommended for indoor use
2 year warranty