Elcold EL21-XLE

$1.850.00 each

Volume - 227Ltr
860H x 1050W x 650D
Energy Consumption - 273kwh/year
Rating - 3.5 star
No. of baskets - 2
Reliability and a very low energy consumption 
Those are the most important features of Elcold’s new XLE-range.
The reliability of the freezers has proven itself for more than forty years and the outstanding economy is shown by the classification “A+”.
And though they have very compact measures, our XLE-freezers offer a unique amount of space inside.
With an Elcold XLE, you have a reliable and environmentally friendly freezer - for many years to come.
Extra Low-Energy 
The name says it all Elcold Extra Low-Energy is the range for the environment and energy conscious consumer.
You get Extra-low energy consumption, thanks to the very efficient 100 mm thick insulation. It is so effective that an XLE can keep food frozen 2 times as long as a standard freezer in the event of a power failure.
Added to this is the special compressor in the XLE model, which in itself offers low energy consumption (class A+). The XLE range features the biggest class A+ chest freezer on the market.